14th Aug 2014

After several days of arbitration, David J. Garcia of Goyette & Associates was successful in obtaining an order that overturned the termination of Yuba County Correctional Officer Elijah Etchegoin.      This matter began when the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department … more

11th Aug 2014

Edward Lane, the director or a state program for underprivileged youth, conducted an audit of his organization because of financial issues.  While investigating, he found an employee on the payroll who was not reporting to her office.  He was warned … more

30th Jul 2014

For an interesting analysis of the government’s paternalism regarding short term lending, see the WSJ article by Ronald L Ruben regarding a lawsuit filed against several federal agencies last month by the payday lending industry trade group, the Community Financial Services Association … more

29th Jul 2014

There is $1.2 trillion in outstanding federal student loan debt as of the end of April, up almost 10% from prior year and 55% from 2007 according to Eduvisors.com.  In comparison, there is about $170 billion outstanding in private student … more