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Our “You” Philosophy Makes “Us” Different.

You may have already noticed the difference: we spend a lot more time talking about you and your issues than we do talking about ourselves, and that is the way it should be. We are here to solve your problem, eliminate your anxiety and help you get on with your life.

  • You deserve a lawyer and law firm that is approachable and responsive.
    • You will get a timely response, usually within 24 hours.
  • Your attorney should give it to you straight -without the legal hem-hawing.
    • You will get hassle-free straightforward answers.
  • You deserve a lawyer who will hear you out.
    • We get it; you wouldn’t need a lawyer if you didn’t have a real problem.
  • You need a lawyer who will win.
    • You can easily check our score-card. 
  • You deserve real value for your money.
    • Alternative fee options ensure legal services are in your best interest, not ours.
  • You shouldn’t be billed to death.
    • You won’t ever get a bill from us for making copies or sending a fax or other trivial fluff.
  • You should have someone who will explain the process.
    • You shouldn’t be expected to know the ins and outs of how the legal system works, that’s why we will take the time to explain it to you.


Why Both Plaintiff and Defense?

We admit, it is a bit out of the ordinary for a law firm to represent both Plaintiff and Defense/ Employees and Employers, but we feel that it gives our clients the best possible advantage. Rather than being entrenched on one side, representing both enables us to be proactive and outsmart opposing counsel and gives you the leverage you need to prevail.  We are careful to thoroughly examine every case and never handle cases with potential conflicts. Having both plaintiff’s and defense attorneys under the same roof allows us to bounce ideas off one other to gauge your best chance of success. In fact, it has given G&A such an edge in Labor and Employment matters, that we replicated our model in our Criminal Defense Practice by adding a Former District Attorney to our Criminal Defense team.

You can equate it to an All Star Team: we take the best from all sides and put the players together on one unbeatable team for the singular purpose of benefitting you.


But just in case you REALLY do want to know more about us and the types of law we specialize in…

Our Law Firm Background

For over 20 years Goyette & Associates, Inc., has provided full scope legal services for labor and employment matters.  

Our Modesto and Sacramento area  labor lawyers represent private sector unions and public employee associations such as peace officer (police officers, correctional officers, probation officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs) and firefighter organizations, firefighter associations, management groups and general employee associations. We handle all phases of the collective bargaining process, union recognition or modification, administrative law, unfair labor practice charges and actions before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and the State Personnel Board (SPB). Our Administrative Law Attorneys successfully defend the following charges:Letters of reprimand, Officer Involved Shooting, suspensions, , salary reductionsdemotionsterminationsremoval from specialty pay assignmentsPOBR violations, FBOR violations, Retaliation, Death in Custody, Sexual harassment, Verbal counseling’s, Performance Review questions, Response to Adverse comments in personnel fileInsubordination/Willful Disobedience, Truthfulness/ Dishonesty, IncompetenceConduct UnbecomingCriminal MisconductAbuse of Sick Leave, Performance, MisappropriationExcessive Force, Unauthorized outside employment, Inexcusable Neglect of Duty, Failure of Good Behavior Causing discredit to the department, General Qualifications, and Failure to Write Reports/Reporting Requirements.

Our Sacramento office wage and hour lawyer, Gary Goyette, is one of California’s foremost experts for  wage and hour claims for individual employees and classes of employees.  For wage claims based on violations of both the FLSA and California wage law, our lawyers represent both individuals and classes of employees to recover overtime pay (for both nonexempt and misclassified exempt workers), prevailing wages, minimum wage issues, off the clock time, wages for missed meal and rest periods, waiting time penalties, civil penalties and assist with Labor Commissioner claims

 Our Sacramento office license defense lawyers represent nurses, EMTs and paramedics, dentists, licensed vocational nurses, and all other allied health professionals when they have license accusations pending or whose licenses may be under investigation by their respective Boards (BRN, EMS Authority, Dental Board, Board for LVNs and psychiatric technicians, etc.) Our lawyers are experts in negotiating stipulated settlements for nurses, EMTs paramedics, LVNs for accusations stemming from DUI’s, drug diversion, violations or the nurse practice act and other issues. Our attorneys can represent licensed professionals at Administrative Law Hearing before Administrative Law Judges.

Our Civil Litigation Division provides both employee and employer side representation, filing law suits on behalf of employees and helping employers build, grow and defend their businesses and companies. Our civil litigation division  handles the following matters from client intake, through the appellate process:

  • Harassment, Discrimination  and Termination related employment matters, Equal Pay Act, Whistleblower violations, Defamation, to ensure compliance with the newest regulations passed by the legislature.
  • Business litigation: Trade secrets, start up planning, protection of data/privacy issues,  intellectual property concerns.
  • Severance package negotiations.
  • Breach of contract and contract enforcement.
  • Business dissolution agreements.
  • Retaliation actions before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
  • Legal Consulting for local and out-of-state businesses who have employees in California, to assist them in California’s complicated legislative and business regulations
  • Analysis and Opinions of new and anticipated legislation affecting California employers
  • Labor Code Issues: classification of employees, independent contractor agreements, vacation and comp time issues
  • Seminars to educate and train: California’s mandatory sexual harassment compliance, religious requests in the workplace, advice on hiring and firing, Electronic Discovery, Deposition practice in employment cases.
  • Litigation: All tribunals, including administrative, state and federal court.  Class action wage and hour litigation.

Some of the issues covered by our civil litigation cases include enforcement of the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights and the State Constitutional rights against the Office of Inspector General, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Department of Personnel Administration, and some California cities and counties.  We also deal extensively Defamation and Anti-SLAPP matters, where we’ve  had a string of successes.  Our  practice includes enforcement of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, for private employers and unions.  On the public sector side of her practice, we commonly represent members of the Legal Defense Fund (local Deputies and Officers employed in neighboring cities and counties) in civil rights cases filed in federal court.  We also provide counsel to California Correctional Supervisors Organization (CCSO), where we have assisted in drafting legislation on behalf of the union, for the benefit of law enforcement.

Our Civil litigation  practice also includes complex administrative appeals that have been filed in Superior Court, such as Petitions for Writ of Mandate, and employment related matters for both law enforcement based employees and private sector employees.  

Our Judgment Collections practice is comprised of  lawyers and staff who are well seasoned litigation professionals who possess the expertise and litigation skills to handle your consumer, commercial and retail collection cases. Our team includes an in-house private investigator who can quickly provide information as to the debtors whereabouts and assets. We are aggressive and successful advocates in both the courtroom and alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Every file received at our office is personally investigated and pre-litigation tactics are applied before litigation is commenced. Goyette & Associates works with a wide variety of clients including: – Credit card companies – Lending Institutions – Insurance companies – Retail businesses – Medical organizations including hospitals, clinics and doctors – See more.

Rafael Ruano is our Wills, Trusts and Estate planning attorney and handles  estate plan reviews, living trusts, wills, estate planning, and conservatorships. He specializes in complex wills and trusts for multi-million dollar estates and providing for special needs children. 

Contact our Labor and Employment Lawyers, Wage and Hour Lawyers and Civil Litigation Lawyers if you have a legal issue. We will respond right away, give it to you straight and work with your budget. CONTACT US



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