Sharon SelfSharon Self is a litigation paralegal with over thirty-one years of experience.  She began her career as a federal court clerk in the Eastern District of California, working in both the bankruptcy court and, thereafter, the Federal District Court.  After several years in the public sector, Sharon continued her career in the private sector working on class action lawsuits involving complex securities transactions and shareholder derivative cases.

Most notably in Sharon’s career, having developed great knowledge of corporate formation and annual compliance, Sharon was approached by a corporate client to join a group comprised of utilities throughout the United States to form a non-profit, public-private utility consortium bringing to market highly-efficient, innovative technologies as the corporate secretary.  She was instrumental in raising $31 million dollars for the Super Efficient Refrigerator Program which was used as direct incentive to the manufacturer to bring to market new technology.  This project received international acclaim which business model was subsequently used to bring new technologies to market.

Thereafter, Sharon continued her extensive legal career working in the areas of large complex construction defect litigation, as well as general business disputes, real estate, employment, and wills and trusts.  Sharon is a great asset to the firm.