Goyette and Associates, Inc., represents individuals who have been injured or who have suffered damages as a result of the negligence or wrong doing of others. Our personal injury lawyers handle personal injury claims arising from a variety of mishaps such as automobile accidents, slip and falls, and intentional torts and will work to obtain a quick and favorable result.

Sacramento Personal Injury LawyerThe firm utilizes the expertise of lawyer Mark Swartz who is ‘Of Counsel’ for personal injury cases. Mr. Swartz is an experienced litigator who has tried over 100 cases before juries and has specialized in representing those who have been injured by the wrongful acts of others. He has tried several civil cases to verdicts and has obtained six figure and million dollar verdicts for clients. Mr. Swartz helps ensure that Goyette & Associates, Inc., clients receive expert, aggressive representation for personal injury and related cases.

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Larson v. Orosco:

     Ms. Larson was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by her brother. As they entered an intersection a car driven by the defendant made an unsafe left turn directly in front of them sending their motorcycle flying into the air. Ms. Larson’s brother was killed upon impact. Ms. Larson suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries.  She underwent over ten surgeries and has not returned to work. She was awarded $5,500,000.00 by the court.

Hill v. Torres:

     Linda Hill was a seventeen year old high school senior who was riding in the backseat of a car when it was cut off by a car driven by another teen.  She was thrown from the car and died immediately.  Linda and her mother, who was divorced from her father, were extraordinarily close.  Mrs. Hill was awarded $2,000,000.00 after the trial of the case.

Withrow v. Confidential:

     The plaintiff, a building inspector, was inspecting a commercial property that was under construction.  During his inspection he stepped into an uncovered floor opening, which he knew was present. He fell to the floor fracturing his right patella and tearing the rotator cuff in his left shoulder. He underwent three surgeries to repair these injuries.  The defendants all denied any responsibility for the incident, however, when they were made aware that failure to cover a floor opening is a violation of Cal OSHA regulations they settled the case for $1,025,000.00.

Prender v. Ravetto:

     The plaintiff was driving his car home from work when a van driven by the defendant drove from a side street directly into his path of travel causing a substantial collision. The plaintiff injured his neck and underwent surgery to his cervical spine. The case settled for $750,000.00.

Ness v. Alexander and Baldwin:

Ms. Ness was an extraordinary woman who grew up in a foster home yet put herself through college and law school. She was diagnosed with polio when she was ten years old and she lived with the disease for her entire life.

One rainy day she was entering the office building where she worked. After entering the door and stepping off the mat she suddenly slipped and fell on the floor which was wet. The owners of the building had not been changing the floor mat which allowed it become wet and acted like a sponge when it was stepped upon so instead of drying the bottom of Ms. Ness’ shoes the floor mat actually caused the bottoms of her shoes to become even wetter.

Due to her fall, she suffered a bulging disc in her low back, radiculopathy in her right leg and the potential to experience post polio syndrome. Although she did not miss any time form work and her medical bills only totaled $10.000.00 the jury awarded her $100,000.00 for reduced earning capacity and $240,000.00 for pain and suffering.

Mauzac v. Water Well Technology:

      Mr. Mauzac was a concrete pumper who had been hired by Water Well Technology to pump cement into a well and down a pipe line constructed of 20 foot lengths of pvc pipe. As he began pumping the concrete the upper most section of pipe blew out of the pipe line striking him in the face.  Before he started pumping, Water Well Technology’s employees failed to tell him that they dropped the pipe line into the well and resolved the problem by sticking a loose piece of pipe into the pipe line. This was a blatant violation of Cal OSHA regulations which require all sections of a pipeline to be connected together. The defendant claimed they did nothing wrong. The case was arbitrated and the defendants were found to be responsible for the incident.

Mr. Mauzac suffered four fractures on the right side of his face, his right cheek was lacerated, he lost three teeth and he suffers from tempo mandibular joint disorder. He lost $50,000.00 in income, his past medical bills were $21,000.00, his future medical bills were $20,000.00 and he was awarded $250,000.00 in special damages.

Vernon v. Gregory :

     Mr. Vernon was working as a traffic officer for the Stanislaus County Sheriff Department when he pulled over a motorist for speeding. The motorist pulled into a parking lot. As Mr. Vernon was writing a citation, the defendant backed her Ford Explorer out of a parking space right into Mr. Vernon’s motorcycle which fell onto Mr. Vernon injuring his right knee. Mr. Vernon suffered permanent nerve damage in his right leg but he did not miss any time from work and his medical bills totaled only $20,000.00. The jury awarded Mr. Vernon an additional $187,000.00 for pain and suffering.

Smidt v. Foote:

     Ms. Smidt was standing by her car putting gas into it, when a car driven by the defendant drove by her striking her with its passenger side view mirror.  She experienced immediate pain and six months later felt a pop in her back when she bent over to pick up her toddler.  She underwent surgery to her low back.  The jury awarded her $250,000.00.