Labor and Employment

Sacramento Labor and Employment Law Firm Represents Public Employee Associations and Private Sector Unions

You are a dedicated employee… but you are losing your jobs, your pensions and your benefits.

Public Employee Associations are struggling like never before. Budgets are being balanced at your expense .The Bargaining Table is a whole different playing field.  Rules and Regulations are implemented that dictate how you operate and you are losing control.

Private sector employees and their unions are in a similar boat. Many companies have cut salaries and fringe benefits to either maintain operations or increase profits. Staffing levels have been reduced and the employees are doing more work in less time than ever before. Many companies and their HR people seem to operate from a position of fear and make difficult and seemingly irrational decisions that hit you- the employee.


We are dedicated to giving you back the control you need so you can prosper.

Keeping your job and your benefits is our job.  Over 120 police, paramedics, public safety, fire, teachers, management and other employee Associations and Unions choose Goyette & Associates to represent them. We’ve spent over 20 years handling all phases of the collective bargaining process, union recognition or modification, administrative law, unfair labor practice charges and actions before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Even in this hostile economic climate, Goyette and Associate’s Unions and Associations are succeeding in keeping positions, mitigating layoffs and working in collaboration with employers on numerous issues including  pension reform. We are spearheading a movement in bargaining that works for everyone, especially you. It’s a whole new game out there and you need a Law Firm who already knows how to play it. Learn how we’ve been successful here.


Public Safety and Law Enforcement is not immune to the Law.

We represent over 300 Peace Officers and Fire Fighters per year who are facing legal problems. The reality is that police and fire need lawyers too. If you are a member of a fire department, sheriff’s department or police force who needs legal counsel, we pride ourselves in defending all public safety employees. In our 20 year history, more than 6000 individual clients have trusted G&A attorneys to defend them against allegations ranging from:


We Represent You in all of your Workplace Problems.

Through disciplinary appeals, grievances, the meet and confer process, collective bargaining and contract negotiations, Goyette & Associates, Inc. has a record of tactical and aggressive representation of  thousands of employees, whose jobs and livelihoods are in jeopardy.  Check our results here.

You’re dealing with Budget Crisis, the last thing you need is to pay through the nose for legal help.

With furloughs, lay-offs, terminations, pay-cuts, benefit reductions and pension busters, every cent for your Associations counts. We understand that- so unlike most Firms, we don’t charge you for frivolous postage, copies, gas or long distance phone calls. We add value to your retainer or fee agreement  by including services that other Firm’s don’t include like corporate counsel, estate planning services, public relations and political action assistance. We will work with your Board to come to custom agreement that provides you everything you need at a rate that works for you.