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Meet our team of California attorneys. We specialize in Labor & Employment, Wills & Estates and Personal Injury in addition to Criminal and Civil cases. Contact one of our lawyers today to assist with all of your legal needs. We will be happy to guide you through your legal process as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.


For over 30 years Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc., has provided full scope legal services for labor and employment matters. Our labor lawyers represent private sector unions and public employee associations such as peace officer and firefighter organizations, management groups and general employee associations. We handle personal injury and wage and hour claims for individual employees. For wage claims based on violations of both the FLSA and California wage law, our lawyers represent both individuals and classes of employees to recover overtime pay (for both nonexempt and misclassified exempt workers), prevailing wages, wages for missed meal and rest periods, and civil penalties. For public sector employee associations and private sector unions, the Law Firm’s labor negotiators and labor representatives routinely handle collective bargaining and our labor lawyers represent employees in disciplinary appeals. Our Civil Litigation lawyers provide both employee and employer side representation, filing law suits on behalf of employees and helping employers build, grow and defend their businesses and companies.


Our law firm represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants; Employees and Employers. Having experience presenting and defending cases from both sides gives our clients the best possible advantage. Rather than being entrenched on one side, having experience representing both sides enables us to foresee potential issues before they arise, be proactive and outsmart opposing counsel. This gives you the leverage to prevail. We carefully and thoroughly examine every case and never handle cases with potential conflicts. Having both Plaintiffs and Defense Attorneys under the same roof allows us to bounce ideas off one other to improve your best chance of success. In fact, it has given Goyette, Ruano & Thompson lawyers such an edge in Labor and Employment matters, that we replicated our model in our Criminal Defense Practice by having both a former Prosecuting Attorney and a Public Defender to our Criminal Defense team.

You can equate Goyette, Ruano & Thompson attorneys to an all star team: we take the best from all sides and put the players together on one unbeatable team for the singular purpose of benefiting you.

In order to serve our clients statewide, we have offices in Gold River / Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Redding, Redwood City, and Yreka. Contact our Labor and Employment Lawyers, Wage and Hour Lawyers, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorneys with your legal issue. We will respond right away and work with your budget.

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