Nicole Valentine

Nicole Valentine is an Associate Attorney with Goyette and Associates specializing in criminal defense, labor defense, and professional license defense of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, psychiatric technicians, EMT’s, and paramedics.  Ms. Valentine has handled licensing cases before the Board of Registered Nursing, before the Board of Licensed Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians, and before the Emergency Medical Services Authority.  Ms. Valentine also represents clients facing driver’s license suspension before the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Ms. Valentine represents clients in internal investigation interviews, investigations with the Department of Consumer Affairs, and investigations with EMSA and local accreditation agencies.  Should these investigations result in disciplinary action, Ms. Valentine advocates for clients at all stages of appeal to include negotiation with employers to reduce penalties, representation of clients at Skelly hearings, representation of clients at administrative hearings (Office of Administrative Hearings, Personnel Boards, Civil Service Commissions, and Arbitrations), and representation of clients in writs of administrative mandamus before the Superior Court.

Prior to joining Goyette and Associates, Ms. Valentine primarily handled a criminal caseload where she successfully negotiated dismissals, reductions of felonies to misdemeanors, dismissal of strikes in exchange for non-strike counts, and reductions of misdemeanors to infractions.  Ms. Valentine successfully argued motions to suppress evidence, motions to dismiss for lack of speedy trial, and pre-trial motions to keep out evidence. She received praise from judges and supervisors for her superior representation of both adult and juvenile clients.

From arraignment to jury trial, Ms. Valentine represents clients at all stages of criminal proceedings.  Ms. Valentine has extensive experience representing clients in court and jury trials.  Most notably, Ms. Valentine received a not guilty verdict in an under the influence case despite the evidence of a positive test for methamphetamine.  Ms. Valentine has deadlocked juries on cases involving check fraud, resisting arrest, possession of ammunition, criminal threats, and grand theft.  Ms. Valentine has handled juvenile and adult cases involving robbery, domestic violence, driving under the influence, drug possession, drug sales, sexual assault, burglary, theft, fraud, carjacking, evading police, and was secondary counsel in a murder case. 

Ms. Valentine is originally from Florida where she graduated from the University of Central Florida on a Bright Futures Scholarship.  She followed her dreams and moved to California where she attended McGeorge School of Law an evening student to gain practical experience.  During law school, she interned at the California Youth Authority (now known as the Division of Juvenile Justice), the California Department of Corporations, and at Protection and Advocacy (now Disability Rights California).  She mentored a high school student pursuing a career in law in a partnership program with Sacramento Charter High School.

In December of 2005 she graduated from McGeorge School of law and became a member of the bar in February of 2006.  She has been a practicing attorney for over seven years. 

As an advocate who thinks outside of the box, Ms. Valentine’s can do attitude and willingness to fight for her clients makes her an asset to the clients of Goyette and Associates.

Below are some of Ms. Valentine’s success stories at Goyette and Associates:

  • Represented a nurse with 2 DUI convictions before the Nursing Board Client was able to keep her nursing license and her employment status as a Director of Nursing.
  • Represented a nurse with a .23% BAC DUI conviction before the Nursing Board.  Client beat the offer of probation with conditions 1-19 and received a public reproval after hearing the Board of Nursing adopted the decision. 
  • Represented a nurse whose license was revoked due to failure to file notice of defense. Petitioned the Board for reconsideration and restored the client’s right to a hearing reversing the revocation.
  • Represented a nurse charged with the crime of practicing without a license. Negotiated a dismissal of charges with the District Attorney and reversed a citation and fine issued by the Nursing Board.
  • Represented a nurse charged with 17 felony counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Negotiated a dismissal of charges with the judge as long as client completes treatment program and pays restitution.
  • Represented a nurse under investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs, complaint found unsubstantiated.
  • Represented a firefighter charged with 7 felony counts of embezzlement, negotiated a single misdemeanor with informal probation.
  • Represented a nurse charged with DUI with a .15 BAC, negotiated a wet reckless, client received a citation and fine from the Nursing Board.
  • Represented a firefighter charged with a DUI, negotiated a wet reckless and reduced the disciplinary penalty in client’s employment.
  • Represented a firefighter with a 0.09 BAC, negotiated a dry reckless and prevailed at DMV hearing reinstating client’s driver’s license.
  • Represented a county employee facing termination, negotiated a voluntary demotion in lieu of termination.
  • Represented a psychiatric technician charged with felony drug sales, negotiated a simple possession felony eligible to be reduced to a misdemeanor upon successful completion of probation.
  • Represented police officers under investigation from citizen complaints, complaints unsubstantiated.
  • Represented a firefighter involved in an administrative investigation for use of controlled substances.  Investigation unsubstantiated.

If you wish to have a free consultation with Ms. Valentine, please contact her at (916) 851-1900.