Tim Cantillon

I’m a retired Police Sergeant. I retired from the City of Napa Police Department, having served 30 years as a Peace Officer.

I began my Law Enforcement career as a Police Officer with the San Francisco International Airport PD in October of 1980. Joined Napa PD as a Police Officer on August 16, 1981. Promoted to Sergeant in December of 2001 and honorably retired April 28, 2010.

The first sixteen years of my career were spent in the field operations division working as a Police Officer. Primary duties in the field ops division were as a Beat Patrol Officer (swing and grave shifts – 11 years), DUI Enforcement Officer (4 years), Plain Clothes Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) Officer (1 year). In addition to those primary assignments I had various ancillary assignments – Field Training Officer (FTO – 7 years), Hostage Negotiator (16 years, the last 5 as Team Leader), SWAT Officer (9 years, the last 2 as Team Leader).

Additionally I served 2 years assigned by the Dept. to work as a Narcotics Agent with the State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE) team assigned to Napa County.

I then worked as a Detective in the Investigations Division as a Crimes against People Investigator for 2 years.

I was promoted to Sgt. in Dec 2001 and was again assigned to the field operations division running a Patrol Team. 2 years later I was assigned to work Personnel & Training which entailed managing the hiring processes (Recruitment, Testing, Background process) and coordinating the Dept. Training schedule as well as supervising the then FTO program which was transitioned under my supervision to the current Police Training Officer (PTO) program. I was then assigned for my final 5 years as the Sgt tasked with managing the Investigations Division.

I was a Board Member of the Napa Police Officers Association (NPOA) for 27 years. Serving in all the different board positions at various times, with approximately 16 years spent as the President. I was involved in all POA contract negotiations for the last 24 years of my career negotiating 5 MOU’s during that time. During these processes I utilized the skills I learned as a Hostage Negotiator. I treated the money as the hostage, and negotiated its freedom from City Hall using the tactics I learned in HNT training.

I’ve also served as the PORAC Vice President for Napa County from 1999 thru 2009 in the PORAC Northern Chapter and was subsequently elected President of the Northern Chapter in 2009 and served in that capacity until stepping down due to my pending retirement.

During my career I was involved in numerous incidents that went through the Internal Affairs process. Again in all capacities to include, as the subject being investigated, a witness to what was being investigated, as the Sgt. assigned as the investigator and as a Sgt assigned to the Quality Assurance Board (QAB) to make recommendations (discipline or otherwise) as to the outcome of the investigation.

These incidents included 3 Officer involved shootings I was involved in as the primary actor. As well as several other use of force incidents as a result of an arrest I made, or assisted on, or I was present for. I survived the process and grabbed the gold ring (3%@50 – a benefit I negotiated for)by doing all 30 years and leaving on the exact day I hit the magical 90% mark.

In my capacity of board member of the NPOA I was asked on many occasions by various officers to serve as their designated representative during the I.A. interview process when the officer was the subject or witness involved in an IA.

Immediately upon my retirement from Policing in 2010 I went to work as a labor representative for Goyette and Assoc. In that capacity I am currently the primary labor representative for seven (7) employee organizations.