Practice Areas

Following is an brief overview of our California Legal Services and Practice Areas. Please click on the links or the Practice Areas drop down menu for a more detailed explanation of how we can help you with your unique legal concern.

Labor and Employment Law

  • Public Employee Representation, Private Sector Unions, contract negotiations, collective bargaining, disciplinary appeals, union recognition and modification, administrative law, unfair labor practice charges and actions before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and the State Personnel Board (SPB).

Wage and Hour and Class Action Litigation

  • Wage claims based on violations of both the FLSA and California wage law, individuals and classes of employees to recover overtime pay (for both nonexempt and misclassified exempt workers), prevailing wages, wages for missed meal and rest periods, and civil penalties.

Employee Representation

  • Discrimination or harassment based on gender, religion, sexual preference, perceived sexual preference, race, age, national origin, ancestry or marital status, Wrongful or constructive termination, discrimination or harassment for medical conditions including pregnancy or child birth, retaliation for exercising your union-protected rights, “whistleblower” actions or participating in OFCCP proceedings.

Small Business Legal Counsel

  • Small business representation in all outside counsel, human resources and risk management challenges.

Business Consulting and Litigation

  • Trade secrets, start up planning, protection of data/privacy issues,  intellectual property concerns, severance package negotiations, retaliation actions before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, legal consulting for local and out-of-state businesses who have employees in California, analysis of new and anticipated legislation affecting California employers, labor code Issues: classification of employees, independent contractor agreements, vacation and comp time issues, litigation: all tribunals, including administrative, state and federal court, class action wage and hour litigation, seminars to educate and train: California’s mandatory sexual harassment compliance, religious requests in the workplace, advice on hiring and firing, Electronic Discovery, deposition practice in employment cases.

High Profile Criminal Defense

  • Experienced Trial Jury and Court Trial attorneys in both State and Federal court, 14 year winning streak,  representation for charges ranging from homicide cases in State Court to corruption and obstruction of justice cases in Federal Court.

RN & EMS Professional License Defense

  • Representation of Allied Health Professional such as Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), EMTs, Paramedics, Dentists (DDS) whose professional licenses  are being investigated or disciplined by their State licensing Boards like the  Board of Nursing, EMS Authority

Estate and Business Planning

  • Wills, Trust and Estate planning, Business Formulation, LLCs, C-coprs, S-Corps

Personal Injury

  • Auto accidents, slips, falls, negligence claims, intentional torts

Training and Education

  • Seminars to educate and train: California’s mandatory sexual harassment compliance, religious requests in the workplace, advice on hiring and firing, Electronic Discovery, Deposition practice in employment cases, POBR, FOBR, POST Certified Instructors, Association Leadership Training