Fitness for Duty

Legal papers lawyers placeholder image G&A has extensive experience assisting injured or disabled workers in protecting their rights and maximizing any retirement options they might have. It is critical that any employee receiving a notice regarding fitness for duty contact legal counsel immediate to discuss their options prior to capitulating to such a request.


Before your Fitness for Duty evaluation, you need legal counsel to help you preserve your rights ahead of a potential IDR.

Disability discrimination

Disability discrimination workers have significant legal protections under federal and state law; G&A brings years of expertise to ensure you realize the benefits of these laws.

Protecting your pension

Injured or disabled workers are entitled to increased pension by the law.

Fitness for Duty evaluations almost never end well for the employee. Protect yourself throughout the full process with the help of Goyette & Associates and contact us today. G&A routinely handles issues regarding fitness for duty from request for initial investigation all the way to litigation.

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Contact G&A’s team of fitness for duty experts now to have your legal needs reviewed.

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