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Goyette & Associates has a long standing and personal connection to the fire service ever since Paul Q. Goyette got his first job as a seasonal fire fighter with CalFire in 1979. Since that time, the firm and its skilled professionals have provided the highest level of legal representation to the men and women who keep our families safe. Whether it be representing the union on collective bargaining or providing individual representation to an employee, Goyette & Associates is here for you.


Union Formation and Management

Goyette & Associates not only represents existing unions but also has successfully helped many employee groups found their own association for the first time. G&A also provides advice and guidance on all aspects of director duties and obligations once a union is formed and has a board of directors.

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Collective Bargaining

At the core of most public safety jobs in California are four pillars: salary, benefits, working conditions and retirement. In most cases these are negotiated between the public employer and the representative union or employee association during a process known as collective bargaining. G&A’s attorneys and skilled labor negotiators have in depth knowledge and experience negotiating the best possible contract for their clients given the current economic and political climate.

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Disciplinary Defense

Fire Fighters are among a select few employee groups in California that have a very specific body of law which governs how their employer must treat them when conducting an internal investigation, commonly known as the Fire Fighters Procedural Bill of Rights

Key among these is the right to have a representative of choice present for any interrogation when said questioning may lead to the discipline of the fire fighter. G&A attorneys have been providing representation to California Fire Fighters since the FFBOR was enacted by the legislature in 2007 via Assembly Bill 220.

License Defense

Firefighters are uniquely at risk in California due to the fact that most of them are required to maintain an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate as a minimum qualification of their employment. Many also have elected to obtain a higher paramedic certification. While both of these licenses qualify the firefighter to provide pre-hospital care in the field, they also carry additional liability.

In conjunction with EMS Guardian, Goyette & Associates professional license defense lawyers have advised thousands of paramedics and EMTs and we have a staggering record of 98% license retention.

Individual Legal Needs

G&A understands that public safety is a people business. We also understand that each person has their own unique legal needs and challenges. G&A works with each employee to best understand what they need and how we can best serve them, and sometimes those needs don’t have anything to do with your employment as a firefighter but still is a very real problem that needs a solution.

Whether it be criminal defense, estate planning, small business representation or some other matter – we provide representation that fits your needs.


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Fire personnel are some of the most at-risk public safety employees in the State of California. This is because they stand to lose the most when legal problems arise.

No one imagines they will be arrested over the weekend, but it happens. No one wants to ever think they will get a DUI, but it happens. A single unfortunate, off-duty event can lead to a series of legal consequences that can be life-shattering. A single arrest can lead to criminal prosecution, civil litigation and liability, disciplinary action by the department and/or discipline of your EMT or paramedic license.

When this devastating chain of events all collide at the same time it can seem like your entire world has come to an end. Goyette & Associates is here to help and has successfully assisted hundreds of fire fighters in successfully navigating their way through a confusing and frightening time.

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