Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining

Lawyers meeting with a business owner The attorneys and skilled labor negotiators at Goyette & Associates have in-depth knowledge and experience negotiating the best possible contract for their clients given the current economic and political climate. We work closely with the bargaining team appointed for the association to understand the unique concerns, desires and needs of the employees they represent.


PERS, Retirement and Benefits

G&A’s team helps clients navigate complex issues involving PERS/retirement and benefits related to retirement.

Bargaining team selection and training

Who you have at the table to meet with your employer is critical – we can help you select the best team for the job.

Preparing ground rules

Knowing the rules that each side will abide by in the bargaining process is key – we will make sure that the right rules are in place for you.

Salary surveys of comparative agencies

Accurately knowing what your peers are being paid in similar agencies gives you the leg-up to negotiate your salary and benefits on an even playing field.

Obtaining financial audits of employer finances

When your employer wants to play “hide the money” we can hire experts that will find every dollar and keep your employer honest.

Providing lead negotiators at the bargaining table

We gather our years of collective experience to provide you with key leadership to take your team (and your contract) to the best possible outcome.

Meeting with membership to answer any questions before ratification votes

Knowledge is power – and empowering your membership to have the answers they need to vote is always a good idea. Our negotiators will meet with you and your members to answer any questions they have prior to ratification.

Fact Finding hearings after impasse

For those times when an agreement simply isn’t possible – navigating third party fact finding to present the truth is just one of the many services we provide.

Meyers Milias Brown Act

The right to bargain and the process is governed by a body of law called the Meyers Millas Brown Act ,something G&A is a specialist in understanding.

An attorney working on a litigation dispute resolution case

At the core of most public safety jobs in California are four pillars (1) salary, (2) benefits, (3) working conditions, and (4) retirement. In most cases, these are negotiated between the public employer and the representative union or employee association during a process known as collective bargaining.

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