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Teaching License Defense Attorneys

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Are you looking for a teaching license defense’ attorney in California? Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc. (GRT) is dedicated to serving and protecting California teachers. We all grew up in California, went to public school in California, and our kids are California public school students today.

Teacher Credential Defense California

As public employees and education labor professionals, we have had countless teachers seek us out for representation that they felt was lacking from their existing local and state union. So if you are a California teacher whose credential is in jeopardy, or even if you just want advice on the next steps when facing discipline from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, you are in the right place! The GRT team has a 95% success rate when it comes to helping with teacher credential defense in California. Our professional licensee clients retain, or reinstate their professional licenses and credentials.

Our teacher license defense service model is designed to provide the best representation possible at an affordable price and with no strings attached. The Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc., Labor & Employment Division includes specialists and some of the most renowned teachers’ license defense attorneys in Sacramento County. As highly qualified experts with years of experience, we have been successfully representing teachers and other certified education employees in California.

What to expect when you choose us:

Review and Advice

Our teachers’ license defense attorneys will review the documentation and provide a roadmap for dealing with the CTC, your career, and your current position.

Communication with CTC

Whether in writing, by phone or in person, our teachers’ license defense attorneys in Sacramento County can provide you with a knowledgeable, experienced and respected advocate with the CTC for your teacher credential defense.

Appearing at CTC

Teachers facing CTC adverse action can appear before a Committee and plead their case. Our teachers’ license defense attorneys’ experience in this setting will provide you with the tools and plan necessary to advocate for yourself.

Evidentiary Hearing

Should a hearing be necessary to clear your name, our teachers’ license defense attorneys in Sacramento County have thousands of administrative hearings to their credit and will zealously fight for you and your rights.

Get Help from the Best Teachers’ License Defense Attorneys in Sacramento County

GRT is one and the only California law firm that represents California teachers in unions that are not affiliated with the California Teachers Association (CTA) or the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). Our clients are individual teachers and independent teacher associations that have complete control of their policies, dues (usually a half to a third of what traditional teacher unions charge), and representation.

If you are a California public or charter school teacher or certificated education employee and are looking for individual teacher credential defense, to decertify from CTA, or for an alternative to your current representation, Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc. can provide you and/or your union with options and a roadmap to accomplish the transition.

We are focused on our primary and only mission of providing services to teachers so they can concentrate on what they love to do: teach.


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