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Unfunded pension liability is a major problem for government systems, meaning courts are extra hostile towards any pension claims. G&A knows how to navigate these courts and get the retirement benefits you are entitled to.

G&A can help you navigate any and all of the following

Pensions Reform

Because of pension reform, the need for help from legal counsel is critical before you make any retirement decisions.

Disability Discrimination

Injured or disabled workers are entitled to increase pension by the law.

Industrial Disability Retirement (IDR)

Talk to G&A to make sure you don’t have an IDR claim prior to submitting your application for retirement.

workers Compensation

If you are nearing retirement and have any workers comp issues, work related injuries or think you might qualify for and IDR, talk to G&A prior to submitting your application for retirement.

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Take the first step to securing your retirement benefits with a case evaluation from our talented team of attorneys.

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