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Unfunded pension liability is a major problem for government systems, meaning courts are extra hostile towards any pension claims. G&A knows how to navigate this judicial hostility and get the retirement benefits that you are entitled to.

Pension Funds are Low

According to an article published in the Sacramento Bee, public pension funds in California are currently underfunded. Specifically, the article stated that CalPERS, or the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, was 70 percent funded at the time of publication.

CalSTRS, or the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, was funded at a level of 64 percent. These are just two examples of problems that can arise for pensioners and why people may need the help of professionals who understand pension law in Sacramento.

Given the hostility exhibited by courts that’s mentioned above and the fact that some pension funds simply lack capital, these situations can be extremely stressful and complicated for those who need help. Pension law in Sacramento and across the state of California is only going to grow in importance as more people seek benefits from pension funds that are not funded at a level of 100 percent.

How Goyette & Associates Can Help

Goyette & Associates has been helping clients deal with pension law problems in Sacramento and the surrounding area for years. We understand how to navigate these situations such that we enforce your legal rights and your financial interests, without taking undue risks on your behalf. Goyette & Associates has successfully litigated pension disputes in Sacramento County and throughout the state and we would love to put that experience to work for you.

If you have questions about your legal rights to the pension you have earned, contact a Sacramento pension attorney at Goyette & Associates today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation before attempting to handle the situation alone. We can help you define your path forward.



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