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Sacramento Small Business Attorneys

For small to medium-sized businesses every dollar matters.

Unexpected, unavoidable legal issues – and the small business attorney fees that accompany them – can absolutely devastate SMEs. We work with sole proprietors, to companies with 250+ employees to give businesses options for high-quality, comprehensive counsel from legal specialists at an affordable, competitive rate.

How Sacramento Business Lawyers Can Help

Whether your business needs help for proceedings already brought against it, or would rather do it right the first time around – our Sacramento business attorneys are equipped to handle common Sacramento business issues that require law specialists and legal counsel.

Here are just a few ways we can help your small business.

1) Contracts

Accurate, fair employee contracts are a common hurdle to onboarding new staff, and ensuring your business is protected from potential employee disputes is essential. Whilst contracts cover a wide scope of business operations (e.g employee, partner, and client contracts), engaging legal experts to draw contracts is the simplest and least expensive way to prevent legal trouble in the future.

Our business lawyers in Sacramento can help businesses build contracts and avoid loopholes that can save them from legal hassles – which will not only be expensive, but also time-consuming.

2) Employment

Whether a business is preparing to take on its first employees, or already has hundreds, it has several legal considerations pertaining to employment, including (but not limited to):

  • Meeting the minimum salary or wage limit.
  • Providing paid time off.
  • Offering health insurance.
  • Terminating contracts through correct procedures.

Having a Sacramento small business counsel  in place is brilliant insurance against costly mistakes.

3) Compliance

Regulatory requirements are often daunting for small to medium-sized businesses. Non-compliance with local, state, or federal rules and regulations can result in fines and penalties alongside expensive lawsuits. Our small business attorneys in Sacramento, who remain well-versed and updated with regulatory requirements, can help businesses avoid legal issues arising from non-compliance.

4) Best Business Practices

We’re active, not reactive.

Upon registering with us, our Sacramento small business attorneys provide top-to-bottom reviews of internal business policies to ensure business practices are up-to-date and in line with the law, saving you from huge mistakes in the future.

Additional Common Situations That Require Legal Support

You may also need small business lawyer support in Sacramento, CA if…

  1. Legal disputes or lawsuits pertaining to personal injury
  2. Discrimination clauses
  3. Sexual harassment reports
  4. Wrongful termination
  5. Copyright claims
  6. OSHA citations

Further Sacramento Small Business CounselServices

Our Sacramento small business attorneys serve as general counsel to many businesses who don’t want (or cannot afford their own) in-house counsel, but still need legal guidance on issues such as:

  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Retirement, Health & Disability Matters
  • Civil Litigation
  • High-profile Criminal Defense Cases
  • Business Law Matters
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Injury
  • License Defense

Unlike large law firms, our Northern and Central California business law firm offices focus purely on following Californian law, so we can offer small to medium-sized businesses an efficient way to follow local rules and regulations – without breaking their legal budget.

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The GRT business law firm of Sacramento can help businesses navigate various proceedings brought against employers or employees. We work with our business clients to come up with business-friendly and cost-effective solutions. The earlier we get involved in the dispute, the better to protect your rights.

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