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An attorney helping a client with a litigation dispute resolution case Commercial disputes can arise in every business, ranging from relatively straightforward transaction or contract disputes to complex partnership or shareholder disputes. Goyette & Associates’ litigation lawyers provide custom solutions to help clients achieve the business results that matter. From a business prospective, companies should usually avoid litigation when possible. But there are times were sensible resolution cannot be reached without the legal tool of litigation. In those cases, your company will need experienced lawyers who will fight for your interest while maintaining a focus on business results that you need.

G&A’s litigation practice spans many substantive areas and includes deep experience in all levels of the process including research and investigation, discovery, case management, alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and arbitration, trial and appeals.


State and Federal Court Trial Practice

G&A has extensive experience in a wide variety of cases that have gone to trial in both state and federal court. Paul Q. Goyette has taken over 50 trials to jury verdict. Many cases are also litigated two positive results through Mediation in Arbitration. The subject matter of these cases varies from contract enforcement matters to damages recovery and everything in between.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

G&A lawyers have successfully represented clients in many forms of partnership and shareholder disputes ranging from fraud allegations to breaches of fiduciary duty.

Class Action Litigation

G&A’s Gary G. Goyette is a preeminent expert in class action litigation and has represented both plaintiff classes and defended company defendants successfully in state and federal court class action proceedings.

Labor, Employment and HR matters and litigation

G&A lawyers have successfully represented many clients in employment and HR related matters arising from the workplace.

Government and Public Agency Litigation

Many of G&A’s cases over the years involve government entities. G&A’s lawyers are experts in navigating the regulatory requirements of litigating cases involving government and public agencies.

Insurance Management and Recovery.

G&A can help you navigate insurance issues ranging from coverage disputes to indemnity and subrogation and more.


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The lawyers at G&A work closely with clients to develop a cost-effective strategy that makes sense. Our firm starts any litigation process by taking a proactive approach where we identify and create options for resolving disputes while managing the risks and benefits of each particular path. While we have won many cases in the courtroom, we have found that some of the greatest victories for our clients come through careful planning, strategic analysis and open and thorough communication with our clients.

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