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A Cannabis hemp and CBD lawyers in California working on a computer Goyette & Associates, Inc. has been guiding clients as they navigate business and legal areas in the quickly emerging and ever-changing cannabis, hemp and CBD landscape for over 5 years. Our firm develops close relationships with each and every client to provide superior legal counsel, regulatory guidance and business advice for clients ranging from cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, to agricultural specialists and others. Instead of telling our clients what can’t be done we strive for innovative and creative ways that brings new ideas and novel prospective to our clients so that they accomplish their business goals.


Corporate and Business Entity Structure

G&A has extensive experience in complex structing businesses and working with and designing multi-party joint ventures after we’ve determined our client’s best business structure, we work to incorporate that entity in the most advantageous state and obtain all the necessary documents to begin operations. As our client’s businesses expand, we provide continuing support to creating and reviewing a wide range of documents, monitoring compliance and working with our clients to ensure that they are protected and prepared to succeed.

Compliance and Regulatory Guidance

The team at G&A is well-versed in the regulatory guidelines in the cannabis, hemp and CBD spaces in California, and is available to counsel clients to ensure they are complaint in all aspects of their business and/or operations.

Transactional Representation

G&A’s tenured lawyers are well-versed in cannabis, hemp and CBD transactional matters. Our team can offer advice on transactional procedure, document production and specific transaction management through escrow services. G&A has set up and supported domestic and international cannabinoid (Hemp/CBD) transactions.

Building Code and Zoning Ordnance Analysis

G&A provides in-depth analysis and expert assistance with navigating complex building codes and zoning ordinances.

Litigation and Administrative Proceedings

G&A’s attorneys are well-quipped to handle all litigation and administrative proceedings arising from aspects of the cannabis, hemp and CBD space.

Intellectual Property

G&A counsel its clients on how to protect their intellectual property as it relates to cannabis, hemp and CBD.

Contact G&A today for guidance and a clear understanding of the cannabis laws relevant to your business. The regulatory and tax climate surrounding cannabis, hemp and CBD is newly developing and ever changing. But one thing is for certain is that these industries are here to stay give your business the best chance of success with superior business and legal advice from G&A.

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