Teachers and Certificated Education Employees

Lawyer sitting behind desk helping a client The Goyette & Associates, Inc., Labor & Employment Division includes specialists in representing teachers and other certificated education employees in California, in partnership with Teacher Guardian and CA Independent Teachers . We are one of the only California law firms that represents California teachers in unions that are not affiliated with the California Teachers Association (CTA) or the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). Our clients are independent teacher associations that have complete control of their policies, dues (usually a half to a third of what traditional teacher unions charge), and representation.

If you are a California public or charter schoolteacher or certificated education employee and are looking for an alternative to your current representation, Goyette & Associates, Inc. can provide you with options and roadmap to accomplishing the transition.


Independent Teacher Associations
  • Our team can you with each step in entity creation, from formation to maintenance and administration of corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and more.
  • Advice and assistance in navigating recognition or decertification procedures.
  • Best practices for starting and operating an independent teacher association.
Traditional Public School Representation
  • We are one of the only California law firms that have assisted public school teachers with creating their independent association and breaking away from traditional union affiliates.
  • We provide collective bargaining, contract enforcement, and other labor representation.
  • Individual teacher representation for disciplinary investigations and proposed actions.
Charter School Teacher Representation
  • We represent charter school teachers that want labor representation but don’t want to be a part of traditional teacher union (that is often not very pro-charter).
  • All labor and employment services, including collective bargaining, grievances, Unfair Practice Charges, and advocacy on behalf of the teachers to the administration and school boards.
Individual Teacher Representation
  • Teachers that have no representation or are unhappy with it often retain our attorneys to represent them in investigations and/or disciplinary actions.


G&A’s Teacher Representation is one of our fastest growing practice areas. California teachers looking for alternatives for themselves and their colleagues to obtain superior representation at a lower cost and with full local control have been seeking out Goyette & Associates to assist them in making the transition. The process can be difficult and sometimes contentious, but it is manageable and made simple by our experts in the field.

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