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Transactions and Asset Protection


Transactions and Asset ProtectionPaul Q. Goyette of Goyette, Ruano & Thompson oversees an active transactional department where we represent a wide variety of traders around the globe. Our clients include commodities buyers and sellers as well as a wide variety of intermediaries. Paul has successfully overseen transactions numerous asset classes including:

  • Gold and other precious metals
  • Fuels
  • Real Estate
  • Currency Transactions
  • Various Agricultural Commodities
  • Historical Assets
  • Cryptocurrencies and other Digital Currencies
  • Medical Supply Products
  • Debt Portfolios

We represent our clients and serve them in a variety of ways ranging from document review and production to the opening and management of IOLTA Trust Account escrows. We frequently conduct due diligence investigations on behalf of our clients. And we serve as compliance officers for many of our client’s transactions. Most importantly, our transactional work is done with the highest level of confidentiality. Please note that for any transactional matter we are highly cognizant of and respect the FINCen regulatory requirements. As such, we will conduct a thorough and robust KYC-AML investigation of all new and incoming clients as well as on the origination source of any monies involved in one of our transactions.

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