Union Formation and Management

Lawyers meeting with a business owner What many employees come to realize is that they may be best off creating their own association which can intelligently and purposefully bargain for the rights and benefits unique to them. While the process can seem daunting, our professionals have vast experience in helping unions of all sizes with comprehensive guidance from A-Z on union formation.



G&A can help your union understand the relevant timing and limitations for decertification including running intelligent campaigning for support of a new union, obtaining a showing of interest needed to secure an employee vote, facilitating informational meetings to educate employees and answer questions, and securing recognition from the employer as a new exclusive bargaining representative.

Establish a New Union

G&A’s team is an expert in completing the many tasks to such as securing tax ID numbers, filing articles of incorporation, drafting bylaws, selecting a board of directors, setting union dues, and obtaining errors and omissions insurance.

Union Management

G&A is happy to consult clients on aspects of ongoing union-management including conducting union meetings and thee Roberts Rules of Order, drafting and updating necessary bylaws, keeping accurate financial records, defending or prosecuting civil litigation matters on behalf of the association and more.

Public Employee Relations Board

G&A can help your new union with the nuances of interacting with the Public Employee Relations Board.

Duty of Fair Representation

A union owes a duty of fair representation to all of the workers it represents. G&A can help ensure your union complies and acts fairly, impartially, and without ill will or discrimination when pursuing a worker’s grievance or when negotiating a new contract with the employer, including help with hearings and obligations.

Other Details

In addition, G&A can help with any other union formation and management issues such as what to discuss in an open forum versus executive session, handling and filing grievances under the contract, guidance relating to Political Action Committee and related funds and more.

From formation and establishing a board of directors, we provide advice and guidance on all aspects of director duties and obligations. The purpose is to help union directors thoroughly understand their responsibilities and obligations to their membership while avoiding pitfalls and mistakes.

If you are thinking about or want to learn more about forming your own new union or union management in general, contact our team of expert attorneys at 1 (916) 851-1900.

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