Our Civil Litigation Practice Areas of Expertice

by | Aug 17, 2009

Our Civil Litigation Practice Areas of Expertice

  • Harassment, Discrimination  and Termination related employment matters, Equal Pay Act, Whistleblower violations, Defamation, to ensure compliance with the newest regulations passed by the legislature.
  • Business litigation: Trade secrets, start up planning, protection of data/privacy issues,  intellectual property concerns.
  • Severance package negotiations.
  • Retaliation actions before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
  • Joy works with local and out-of-state businesses who have employees in California, to assist them in California’s complicated legislative and business regulations
  • Analysis and Opinions of new and anticipated legislation affecting California employers
  • Labor Code Issues: classification of employees, independent contractor agreements, vacation and comp time issues
  • Seminars to educate and train: California’s mandatory sexual harassment compliance, religious requests in the workplace, advice on hiring and firing, Electronic Discovery, Deposition practice in employment cases.
  • Litigation: All tribunals, including administrative, state and federal court.  Class action wage and hour litigation.
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