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Out of Class Retroactive Pay

by | Feb 24, 2012

Out of Class Retroactive Pay

Labor Representative David Swim was successful in obtaining retroactive pay for a Chico City Employee for her out of class pay assignment. This is something that happened frequently, especially to members of our general employee associations. If you believe you are being improperly paid or not being paid for your class, please contact us at our Sacramento office and one of our staff members will happily assist you. you can also contact your G&A Labor Representative.


2 thoughts on “Out of Class Retroactive Pay”

  1. I work for the city of Oakland sewer dept a division of the public works dept.A new position had been created
    and it was given to me.This position had more responsibilities then the sewer maint worker job .I was told the
    position was to be reclassified ,therefore higher wage.Recently I was removed from this position due to verbal
    warning .This has been not been taken to next step;i.e. suspension etc.I had worked in this position for over
    6 years with a rating that “exceeds expectations” for several of the years .The new person in this position
    is payed $7.58 more per hr.Some of the supervisors I work for didn’t agree with management.As far as the
    other person ,we have approx. the same seniority ,I have 28 years he has 30.The position he has is sewer maint. leader and my is sewer maint. worker.They claim they need a person of a higher pay grade though for 6 years I have done it.At the very least they are not using the tax payers money properly.If you can assist
    please email me @ or leave mesage at (510)867-5113.Also they are putting me back in this position due to the other person going on vacation!
    Thank You,

  2. Thank you for visiting our site. Please call our office at 888-993-1600 to speak with one of our associates to see if you may have a case.

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