Right to Meet and Confer Upheld for Chico POA

by | Jun 4, 2010

Right to Meet and Confer Upheld for Chico POA

After a 13 month battle in Superior Court,  G&A attorney John McCaslin’s and labor representative Steve Allen’s efforts prevailed against the City of Chico on behalf of our Client, Chico Police Officer’s Association. Chico POA President, Terry Moore expressed his gratitude to G&A – especially to John and Steve in a much appreciated letter, to Paul Goyette.
“For a variety of reasons, this was not an easy case. But at every juncture, I found Steve and John to be tremendously helpful and openly accessible… I found [them] very skilled at what they do. They represent you, your staff and your offices in a very positive light.
I think it’s important to let you know about the great job they did. And personally, I love winning. They both helped make that happen.
With Goyette and Associates on our team, I look forward to the next battle.
Terry Moore”
To Read Terry Moore’s letter in its entirety, click  Chico POA Letter from Terry Moore 5-20-10

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