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Janelle S.

I retained the services of Nicole proactively after submitting my disclosure to the BRN. I immediately felt at ease with how thorough she and her team explained the process, what could be expected, and answered all of my questions. She was understanding as well as realistic about what could occur and offered advice regarding what could happen. When nothing further resulted from the BRN, I was refunded the FULL AMOUNT of the retainer, something unexpected as she had reviewed my case and took personal time to assist me even though the case never went further. I hope to never need the services again, but if so I will be retaining Nicole again as she was kind but also extremely professional during an extremely stressful time. Hire Nicole because her track record speaks for itself, but she is also personally invested in her clients. Thank you again Nicole and team for all of your help!

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James L.

I am writing a review about the lawyer of Goyette, Ruano & Thompson who represented me, he is Atty. Ian Woo. He helped me so much regarding the case/allegations towards my work that was brought up by Board of Nursing. Attorney Woo, He is the best! He is always there ready to answer your calls, text messages. emails and give you good guidance and advises. My experience facing this case, it was very, very stressful and he kept me at ease and guided me with his expertise throughout the entire investigations and submitting the appropriate answers to the BRN. Because of his patience, intelligence, diligence and great follow – up, the charges were dropped. I am a family oriented, religious and a very dedicated nurse who loves my profession, loves to help others and I truly thank Attorney Ian Woo for all he’s done for me. Without his knowledge and expertise, I would have been still in limbo but thanks to his great ability and professionalism, I was able to pull through. Words are unable to express my sincere and deep appreciation to Attorney Ian for his work, for his expert and in-depth knowledge of what is required to come before the Board of Registered Nursing. If you have some issues or experience regarding Board of Registered Nursing, I highly recommend and from the bottom of my heart, to please hire Attorney Ian Woo at Goyette & Associates. He is one of the best lawyers out there. Thank you so much for reading this review.

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Justin Donahue via Google

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Nicole was amazing! Worth every penny! She never stopped fighting for me!

Rhonda B. via Yelp

I have nothing but positive things to say about this firm! From day one there was great communication and they were very accommodating and flexible to my needs when it came to finances. Ms Jennifer reached out not more than 10 minutes after my inquiry online and Mr Lawson was kind and very responsive to my emails. The attorneys they hire are of the highest caliber and work very hard to give you the best outcome. Should I ever need a law firm and lawyer again, I won’t hesitate to call them. Highly recommend!

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Kirk Chambers via Google

Nicole Valentine at Goyette, Ruano & Thompson was a great help with my situation. Great work with fantastic results. Communication was very good. A positive outcome. Dan Thompson was great as well. Would recommend their services highly.

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Dorys L. via Yelp

I would like to thank Nicole Valentine for helping me get my RN license back. Her professionalism and guidance made it all possible. I would recommend her to anyone facing a similar problem.

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Barbara G. via Yelp

I highly recommend Goyette, Ruano & Thompson to any nurse that has a legal issue with the State Nursing Board. I had a very serious matter with the nursing board and I needed good sound legal help. I hired and retained Goyette, Ruano & Thompson. They appointed Attorney Nichole Valentine to defend me against an Accusation. This lady is awesome. She jumped in to defend me and is was very caring to me. She knew exactly what to do. I am impressed by her representation of me before the board. She won my case for me and the board  did not get disciplined at all by the board. The accusation was dismissed by The Administrative Judge and The Nursing Board adopted the judges decision to dismiss the accusation. I am totally happy with her work for me. I will never forget this lady and I will always consider her first in the future if I should ever need legal help again.

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Tamara Laws

I would like to say Thank You Paul Goyette, Curt and any others who made it possible for me to do my job. Making Life or Death decisions isn’t easy with bills piling up at home and there’s no certainty when or if your 18 yr. son will survive the car accident and be able to go home. He was a passenger in the backseat and 5-6 surgeries later he’s got a metal rod in his arm and metal plates in his face, and I could go on for awhile. Thank you Jennifer Coalson-Perez for coming to U C Davis to meet my son. You gave him the info he needed to decide how to protect himself and how to handle the situation with the responsibility of the driver. Paul had the empathy I needed to hear from his own life experience. He was patient with me as I’m sure I repeated information he needed many times or couldn’t remember some things that were important to my son’s case. Yes, it feels good when you know you made the right call. And you will know that you made the right call when everything pressing upon you suddenly disappears. No lack of communication like I’ve dealt with elsewhere. Commitment, and a completely honest evaluation of all possible scenarios to deal with then, now and in the future. Handing the reins over to someone you trust makes it much easier. Goyette, Ruano & Thompson have a very high level of integrity and I will only recommend the Best! They do it all and this mom is eternally grateful.

Physician UC Davis

Tara, You have no idea what a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You clearly had my best interest in mind, you were efficient, and thoughtful, unlike all of the family law attorneys I have worked with in the past. I can now focus on my children, patients/research, and my future. I will certainly utilize you or your firm for all my legal needs and refer my friends and colleagues.

Dustin Brown

Paul has the ability to fight the good fight and not only see through the distractions, but help others see through the distractions. Thanks to him, I was able to move in to a better position with the police department, and even achieve a promotion. I am so much happier, thanks Paul!

Justin Harris

When I was 18 I was a passenger in a car driven by my friend that was involved in a very bad accident. I was hurt very badly and life-flighted to the hospital where I spent a lot of time in the ICU and later, in other parts of hospital. Paul Goyette really helped me out. He got me a great result so that I am financially set for my future. I felt that Paul really cared about me and looked out for my interests.

Kathleen Marie Williams

Richard, Thank you so much for the handling my case with the California Board of Registered Nurses, I was never guilty this was the BRN letter enclosed. They finished investigation and closed case and the only thing I did was pay for this wonderful service!!! Thank you!!!! I am not throwing away your number!!


Nicole stayed with me and worked through my complex case for over 4 years while the BRN dragged things out. She is the most competent Nursing attorney you will find. My case was not easy but she persisted. She knows the law and she understood the facts surrounding my case. More importantly, she believed in me. Her representation of the facts was stellar and, because of her gift of being able to put things into logical perspective and paint a picture for the judge, the court was able to see the events that took place with clarity. Nicole is unbelievably amazing at orchestrating a theater of events for the court. That is where she is in her element and she really SHINES. My case was dismissed !! I cannot thank her enough.

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