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With decades of experience and offices in Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno and Redding, over 5,000 clients spanning the state of California trust Goyette & Associates with all of their legal concerns.


Latest Successes & News

  • California Employment Law: Overtime

    As an employer, it is important to pay overtime to your eligible employees at the correct rate and at the proper time when overtime hours are worked in order to reduce your liabilities and avoid suit or extra fees. What should you know about California’s overtime laws?   Who Is Eligible To Receive Overtime? Non-exempt, …
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  • US Supreme Court ruling clarifies retirement health-care benefit question in M&G Polymers v Tackett

    The US Supreme Court recently made a decision that may have a significant impact on the obligation of employers to pay retirement health care benefits under collective bargaining agreements. While underfunded public employee pensions capture most of the media attention, health insurance benefits for retired workers is also a huge expense. This is especially true since the cost …
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  • Which Business Entity Should I Choose When Starting A Business in California?

    When starting a new business, careful consideration should be paid to selecting the type of business entity. Thorough business planning can minimize risks and have a significant impact on tax liabilities, protecting your personal assets and minimizing risks to yourself, your family, and your partners. Our estate and business planning division can help you make …
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